Book Your Meeting in a second

Connect your meeting room device with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

Transform Your Office

Book your meeting room within a few seconds, it takes only a tap or two.


Track Your Meeting Costs

MeetingRoom Dashboard (beta) is an analytical tool which provides information about Top meeting room usage and top users in meeting rooms. Sign in via your Google account and check your statistics out.

How It Works

MeetingRoomApp is an Android application to be installed on tablets attached to your meeting rooms. It will make the process of booking a meeting room in your company much easier.

Getting Started

How to start with MeetingRoomApp? Read our blog.


One-time fee for Android App. We offer a number of pricing plans depending on the size of your company. Prices exclude VAT. *We increase the price of licenses in 2017.

per room
One-time fee

20 % annually maintenance

1 - 5

meeting rooms

  • Android App for up to 5 meeting rooms
  • In sync with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps
  • Booking your meeting rooms from a tablet
  • Cancelling events
  • Upcoming events
  • Very well secured
  • Stunning user interface

How many rooms?
Annual or monthly
6 - 15

meeting rooms

  • Android App for up to 15 meeting rooms
  • Monthly updates
  • Mini features
  • Cloud features
  • Remote access and MDM
  • Frames with easy mounting options
  • SLA
  • Exclusive hardware
  • Helpdesk support

On demand

Unlimited number of

meeting rooms

  • Android App for unlimited number of meeting rooms
  • Custom development
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Cloud features and services
  • Company's design
  • Exclusive hardware
  • SLA
  • Helpdesk support